Some Paths are Twisty and Turny

So to begin, I have been encouraged to write stories, unfortunately, my imagination is geared toward those who can barely say their ABC’s and think the word “toot” is hilarious… aka kids four and under. So instead of sharing the stories of princes and princesses I would like to share the life I have been given to serve the greatest King of all.  As this is my first post, blogging seemed to be something only moms and the hipsters of the world look at, and since I am neither a mom or a hipster I think I will start by sharing a little bit about myself. I am 19 years old, which sometimes I question because I have the spirit of a 12-year-old girl who still loves boy bands, scrunchies, and cats. On that note, I do have a cat who is living two hundred and nine miles away. He lives with my family in Dallas, and for those of you who can’t stand cats, I assure you… He’s special. My family is a HUGE part of my life and being away from them is way harder than I (someone who is super independent and loves to travel) ever thought it could be. I was raised in a large family, I have two brothers and two (I still like to think I have three sisters, as most of us count Megan as a sibling) so, three sisters. It’s weird to admit that my siblings really helped make me who I am today. WEIRD, right? Who would have thought that when my mom said “Mads… Your siblings are gonna be your best friends someday” She actually would be right?! Moms are pretty smart.. (and of course so are the dads of the world)

I am a freshman at Blinn College. what? A junior college??!?!?!? Yes, and if you would have asked me back in August what college I would be attending, I would have twisted the question so I could answer it by saying “I am going to school in College Station.” Therefore, allowing it to appear that I would be going to Texas A&M. Pride, oh pride does weird things to the heart and mind. Now, I am beyond grateful to be at a junior college this year. I have learned more this year that I thought would be possible… Can I be blunt? (lol like you could stop me…) I was not ready to be enrolled in a University! I am not naturally smart and I am bad. no I mean I am disturbingly terrible at math. I like to consider myself “street smart” but some would argue. Anyways… As I am in the midst of coming to the end of my first year of college I have learned that the life the Lord has given me is in no way mine. His plans are more beautiful than ones that I could have ever created for myself. If you would have asked me a year ago where I would be today, I would have said something along the lines of:  “A big fancy university,  education major, sorority, hot boyfriend, and a perfect GPA” or on more rebelious days: “I’m moving to New York City and starting whatever life I want to there.” HAHAHA! wow.. I couldn’t be farther from my own plans. But, this has genuinely been the best year of my life! I have made the most amazing friends, discovered I adore babies and the city of Hearne. Don’t misunderstand it’s also been an uphill battle! For example: In less than a month, I got rear ended, my car was broken into and I received a speeding ticket. (I promise I am not a bad driver) But it’s okay!!! People make mistakes!

I am beyond excited to see what the Lord has for me!! Yes, I am scared. But I have chosen a path where trust is a must. My encouragement to you today, if anyone actually reads this, is to keep your head pointed toward Heaven. Don’t be afraid to do things differently than what the world says we should do. You were created for a reason, and you are probably more intelligent, beautiful, and strong than you think you are! (Most of us are way harder on ourselves than we should be.) Jesus loves you and His plan is greater than anything we could ever imagine for ourselves.

Oh my lanta. . . I talk a lot.

(Disclaimer: To the person who broke into my car: It’s okay. I forgive you. I hope you have fun with my ENO and other things! I hope that in some way Jesus touches you and your life.)


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