Am I there yet?

I’m sure you clicked on this blog post and thought to yourself, “Great… this girl is posting again.” Sorry.. I wanted to share a little about my college path and how I ended up in Aggieland when just a year ago I was pro-Alabama and anti- Aggie. Well, I use the words; “pro” and “anti” VERY loosely. It was more like, I knew Alabama had a pretty campus and won football games, which my high school did not, and I heard one single person call A&M a cult and never could shake an opinion that I never formed on my own. (I know… so many lessons I could learn in those two sentences) Instead of explaining that, I’ll just clarify: Aggieland is probably the best place on earth (that I have ever been to). In just eight months I have learned so much about myself.

Like I said in my first post, I actually go to a junior college: Blinn College- BUC’ EM!! (hahahaha) I went to Blinn because I honestly had no idea where I wanted to go to school or what I really wanted to do. I had the basic things I was looking for in a college but nothing serious. When my high school astronomy teacher said her daughter went to Blinn for a year and loved it… I caved and accepted the fact that I really needed to be at a junior college. FYI my astronomy teacher told me this AFTER my parents took me there twice and my dad said it would be a great fit for me (Shout out to Dads for knowing everything) Okay… now for the whole reason I am posting.. I live in College Station and go to school in Bryan (10 minute drive to school) I have fallen completely in love with A&M University. The traditions: midnight yell, fountain jumping, ring dunks, Muster, and more make me question how I didn’t love A&M all my life! Well… I am currently learning the lesson of patience. (NOW WE ARE WHERE I WANT TO START!) I applied as a transfer to the school of my dreams back in January and have been waiting to hear back since then. Well… Kind of, A&M admission got back to me and said they wanted to see how I did this semester and that I should resubmit my transcript after the spring semester and I should get a response in June. SO… I am waiting until June to hear back. If I were to make a list of my least favorite things to do, I’m pretty sure waiting would rank in the top five. There aren’t many things I enjoy less than remaining in that agonizing place of staring my hopes and longings in the face and wondering how, and when, and if God will allow them to come true.I often find myself complaining and listening to the evil voice inside my head saying “Why doesn’t anything just happen for me, I don’t need college, I’m dropping out, Everything bad happens to me..” I have become tired of waiting, tired of trying to hang onto hope as the days and weeks slip away and so many questions remain unanswered. I long for a breakthrough, to see what an actual A&M acceptance letter looks like- WITH MY NAME ON IT.

As I trust in The Lord for a response I am reminded that my life is not my own. I am a christian who tries her best to follow Jesus every single day. I may not be good at math but He’s wrecked more of my plans than I can count!!! Every single time He has changed my plans, His plans have been SO much greater! (Praise The Lord for bringing me to College Station)

So, let’s talk about Joseph for a moment- Joseph’s brothers sold him as a slave. He probably had no idea what was going on but, he trusted that God had a plan. (Oh my lanta, Joseph had no idea what he had coming!) He waited for God to fulfill His promise that Joseph would be a leader of his people. He had to be patient as he believed God, but probably wondered why he was sitting in a prison cell. God did give Joseph great power and responsibility. Not only was he a leader of his people, but he ruled over the people of Egypt too- IN A BEAUTIFUL PALACE!!! As Joseph waited, patience was needed to allow God to accomplish His purposes in the life of Joseph and his family. Can you say from pit to palace?!

Now, if anyone reads this, I am not saying that Blinn is a pit, I think my pit is that I allow something so conditional to change my emotions so easily!  If Joseph can wait and trust in The Lord in PRISON!! I think I can go to Blinn and wait for my desired acceptance or rejection letter! (A&M seems like a palace to me though) Either way, He’s got my back. This is a lesson in all aspects of life- for college seniors, for moms waiting for a baby, if you’re waiting to get a job, whatever you’re waiting on- keep Joseph in mind.

Okay… It was a long one tonight. You all deserve a cookie. Ps.. look in Genesis for the full story.

Ps(s). Go check out my tab on essential oils (I am literally obsessed It’s probably a problem)


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