Summer or Bummer?

So…. I am officially a sophomore in college! It’s okay mom, I’ll try to stop growing up. I know, it’s weird for me too. I think I have thought, and said it a bunch of times but: For the first time ever, I am so upset school is over! College Station really feels like home for me, and the people The Lord has brought into my life never fail to make me laugh. (You know who you are) But it’s over and I am on to the next thing for the next three months! Oh my lanta….I AM SO PUMPED!! Okay, so this summer I will be working at Kanakuk Summer Camp. I have the opportunity to work at K-Kauai, the family camp as a Nursery worker. I leave tomorrow morning for training and I have been praying for the Lord to keep me focused on Him and not get caught up in camp hype.

I don’t have a lot have to say this week. (I know.. I haven’t posted in two weeks, its shocking for me too.) SO, to reflect this school year I thought I would explain how I think it went, through the wonderful story of friends.

The first week, I realized my freedom and the exciting times ahead of me. There was no assignments the first week (thanks gig’em week) and meeting new people constantly was refreshing and well, I think Rachel displays the feeling perfectly:

Then I realized, I was starting completely over and well..
Then, classes began and for me, it was my first attempt to give school 100% effort. So when I called my parents it was difficult for me to explain how much school work I actually had.
Then my first round of tests happened and it’s safe to say that my stress and anxiety went through the roof. There was no social activities, and I really struggled with the ability to keep a balance of social, sleep, and school. Ross, thanks for demonstrating my exact feeling
After first semester came to an end, I began to really get close with my friends they began to really feel like family. All of those buzz feed posts that are out there about your college friends seeing you at your best and worst-SO TRUE. My friends have seen my cry, laugh, sick, happy, moody, angry, and of course stressed. (Thanks for being there y’all- you guys are the bomb)
Over Christmas break, I had the opportunity to go to Nicaragua. LIFE CHANGING experience for me. That thankfully 5 months later, I am still learning from. The Lord pulled me out of my comfort zone and taught me lessons I never thought I needed to learn
I returned to school, and my friends and I got on a health kick. (I think it happens to everyone, until we as freshman, figure out how to balance being and eating healthy, sleep, school, and socials.)
There were nights when I got to be myself with some really cool people, and it was one of those nights I wish I could have bottled up and never let it end. (I’ll let you take a guess if I dance like Monica or Rachel)
Next, one word: Finals.
Then the final days of goodbyes…
Anyways… I obviously watched every season of friends this year (best show ever), I love my friends, my faith is deeper than I could have ever imagined, and I am so excited for next school year. But first I will be at camp for half the summer and working in College Station the other half. I have decided not to blog during the summer.. So, sorry mom… You’ll have to write me letters! I will be at camp July 2nd-August 8th!
Madison McGraw
833 Lake Shore Drive
Branson, MO 65616
This summer, I could use prayer against my FOMO (see earlier post) because, I wanna be everywhere all at once and well yeah thats hard. And the people I have the opportunity to impact while at camp!
Okay, told you… not a lot to say this time. So, theres that.

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