Simply Put.

On May 15th of twenty fifteen, I took my first steps on the island that is not actually an island but a family camp known as K-Kauai. I entered the gates confident that I would do my job well, make a couple friends, and impact a few families. Little did I know that I would fall in love with a place that is filled with more than just zip lines, rope courses, water slides, and people. Kauai is a safe haven for christians and non christians alike. It’s a place of growth and laughter, and to me what makes it the most special is that this growth and laughter happens within families. Shortly after my arrival I knew I needed to stay for more than 5 weeks, so for twelve weeks this summer I worked as a caregiver at the nursery (yes as in 0-2 year olds… they come to camp too). Right away The Lord started working in my heart. Since I was at camp for such a long amount of time, I thought I would spare the boring details and just explain what I learned.. In one word.


It’s extraordinarily simple, Jesus saved me from my sin even when I did nothing to deserve it (Romans 5:8).

Even when I do nothing to deserve it.

I will admit that at times this summer I had a bad attitude, complained a little too often, and lost sight of what I was doing. But the opportunity to work with little ones gave me a chance to take a couple steps in their shoes and see through little eyes. One of my favorite things to see was when parents came to pick up their kiddos. The giant smile that lights up on their face when they see their parents walk through the door followed by a giant hug. This pure and simple excitement is how my heart should feel when I think about His love for us. His love is so much greater and in my crazy college life I try to focus on His plan.. not necessarily a bad thing. Although I tend to focus too much on that, thus, not allowing Him to work. Instead I should spend time in His word and in prayer. Two year olds don’t question their parents love for them, so why do I question my Fathers plan and love for me? I shouldn’t  because He saved me from my sins even when I didn’t deserve it.

I could go on for a super long time about camp stories and the kiddos and families that impacted my life but I’m gonna leave it at that. God is good.


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