Check listing


  1. milk
  2. eggs
  3. cookie dough

School Work:

  1. Math
  2. Spanish
  3. Anthropology


  1. Fill car up with gas
  2. go to work
  3. get a 4.0
  4. make life look great on instagram
  5. come up with catchy twitter/facebook status
  6. learn how to do small talk well
  7. appear to live a perfect christian life with a great blog, have cool organization involvement, and take good pictures of my coffee and bible
  8. call mom

As the school year unfolds and as a college student I make list after list of to do’s and reminders for myself… Many get lost and or drastically edited before being completed but today as I bask in my last day of summer I am reminded that there are only a couple of boxes that absolutely must get checked. Relationships. Relationships with my family, friends, and Savior, oh… and teachers (teachers because mom needs to know I am serious about school.) Personally, I get very caught up in what other people think of me. Today at church as I pulled out my bible I caught myself caring about the stranger next to me seeing how highlighted my bible is. WHAT? How silly is that? Well.. people, we do it on all our social media, this is not a social media post, but we do. We like to know that people like our lives and think that we have it all together.

You don’t have it together.

..and you may never. BUT THAT’S OKAY. Our check lists will never actually be complete and we will never feel satisfied. Until, your life is centered around Christ. (drop the mic moment) So, I hope that I grow into a better Christian. No… actually, I hope my relationship with Christ is based solely around him and not any exterior motives that the world has placed in front of me. Because when my top priority is Jesus, I can develop better relationships with my family and friends (and teachers, I guess)

I hope my next check list looks like:

  • Jesus
  • Jesus
  • Jesus

What next on your check list?


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