Hello, God? Ya there?!

Hello friends,

and mom,

Let me start by saying… I have been trying to write a blog for about two weeks now. I, Madison McGraw, haven’t felt like I have had anything to say. (yes mom, that happens sometimes) So today, I asked myself a REALLY deep question- WHY? Then I may have gone into one of those weird self-conversations that go a little like… “Have I not learned anything lately? No Madi you have. Have I become boring? possibly. Maybe I should stop blogging! But I like blogging… ” This went on for longer than I would like to admit.

So, then I said “Dear Jesus, what should I write about?!” and THEN,  I got nothing. How do you hear God’s voice?!

If God is in the business of communicating with his people, and his voice has certain distinguishable properties, why do we still struggle to hear it? In some cases it is simply a lack of training. Is it because many people regularly hear from God but don’t actually know it? His voice enters as a thought or an impression on their consciousness, and they respond to it yet do not ascribe the inner voice to its proper source.

But…seriously… as incredible as that sounds, as I reflect on the voices I have listened to in times of critical decision, I couldn’t think of a better explanation. There have been many occasions in which I called up my best friend and forced her to listen as I listed the pros and cons or I have sought counsel, yet still received no clarity whatsoever until a moment in which I suddenly knew what to do. The inspiration would often pop into my head when I was not even trying to think  about the issue at hand. It was as though the thought did not originate with my mind as if the decision just happened to me. Ya know what I’m talking about??? Or…..Maybe it’s just me……

Okay, as you sit at your computer screen maybe a little confused at what I just said hear me out. I think there are other causes of our inability to hear and identify God’s voice. Maybe we may not hear from God because our lives are too loud. Or, we may not hear from God because our lives are too quiet.

Are our lives too busy to hear God trying to communication with us? Ya know when you were little and you were playing with your toys and so into the make believe game you made your dolls play that you didn’t even hear your mom ask you to do that chore you so hated to do? I think we allow our lives to get so cluttered with the day to day tasks and to-dos we don’t even give ourselves a chance to hear Him.

But on the flip side… Maybe we are too quiet? We read our fancy devotional book we ordered online that is so Christian hip, we pray when we are supposed to, we go to church, we did our Christian check list. Then that’s it. done. But you didn’t actually invest in His teachings, thank him, or ask him to challenge you.

Today, as we enter the summer season, I challenge you to leave extra time in your day to just sit with God, your father, who loves you so dearly.

So in March my mom sent me a birthday package, and in the package was this pack of sticky notes with different verses on each one. Honestly, I havent paid much attention to it. However, occasionally I will tear them off due to boredness. (sorry mom, it was a nice gift I really did like it) But, I have kept three of them, and ironically as I sit on my bed typing this I notice a trend…

John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

Romans 10:17 So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

Jeremiah 33:3 Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.

 They all happen to be about hearing the voice of God. WEIRD. Ok. Love y’all
Ps. Life Update: I finish my sophomore year of college in less than five short days and I will be working at kamp this summer. SO PUMPED. K. bye.


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