What Now? (Not the donut life)

Today, as my best friend left College Station I am left to reflect on my year. Let me tell ya, the Lord moves people. It also left me to think about the next three months ahead of me.

As most of y’all know, I am working at Kanakuk’s Family Kamp known as K-Kauai. Let me get real honest with you. I am sad to leave school… I know, weird.

Why? Because I am gonna miss this:


But also, because Satan likes to attack us when we are tired, vulnerable, and sad. I am really really really (can not stress this enough) bad at goodbyes. But, I love hellos. So, saying goodbye to College Station is way hard. I have had quite the year.

(feel free to quit reading because this blog is more for reflection… sorry yall)

Last semester was hard. hard. hard. But this semester was full of exciting news, courageous moments (including several YOLO’s), and I saw the Lord move in my life more than I ever have before.

In the middle of this semester, I realized I was craving the word. I began to have full conversations with the Lord, not because I felt obligated to but because I wanted to. I am beyond thankful that He has allowed me to be challenged deeply. I have experienced the what it looks like for hard to pay off, I got to experience a heartbreak, and I got to experience discipleship. Though some things are tough, He is building not only my character but also my witness…. which seems pretty cool to me.

So, I am officially an Aggie. I am a Junior at Texas A&M University. Wow, that sounds so good to me. But I have had the pleasure to learn that the Lord’s purpose for me is bigger than being a student at A&M or being in the right organization or being a girlfriend- or even regular friend. His purpose for me is to love others like He loves us and make His name known.

So this summer that is what He has for me.

I  get to go share Jesus with families and kids while building relationships with my soon to be Kamp family for the second year in a row. LIKE HOW COOL IS THE LORD TO ALLOW ME TO BE APART OF HEALING, EXCITEMENT, AND THAT AW-MOMENT OF OTHER FAMILIES? #blessup

For the summer: I could use prayer for endurance, courage, and the ability to connect easily and deeply with families.

I’ll be back in August. You guys rocks.


I also made the rad realization that life is kind of like donuts, they make you happy but ultimately you still will be hungry an hour later. We need substantance (like Jesus) to fill our hearts.

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