What’s Enough for You?

Alrighty friends,

I signed off for the summer in my last post, however, I have had the amazing opportunity to say goodbye to the happiest place on earth (no, not Disney world) but K-Kauai and hello to the crunkest place on earth- Kids Across America. KAA is impacting the lives of inner city urban youth. When I was given the opportunity to serve at KAA for 5 weeks I jumped on board, so excited to see what God had in store. I am at KAA2 aka Da Duece (WHERE IT GOES DOWN), for middle schoolers. A campers schedule is built around a sports or arts specialty… For example soccer (for sure what I would pick as a camper).

So if you know me at all… you know this is way out of my comfort zone, and by way out I mean typically I am drawn to younger kids….. but He decided to push me even further out of my comfort zone, I am not working with the kids. I’m working for the kids, in the kitchen!!

In just 3 weeks I have grown closer to the Lord immensely. He has stretched me in ways I never thought I would be. He has taught me diligence, patience, endurance, but more than anything I am learning the He is enough.

Easier said than done people. EASIER SAID THAN DONE!!

I am an extremely extroverted and relational person. I thrive on social interaction. However, during my transition at camp, I have had a lot of time to myself in my own thoughts. It has taken me a while to find community and belonging. Well, friends ask yourself, “Is God enough?”

I am praying you will examine that question in your heart as you move ahead in the light and understanding of our Lord and His great love for you.

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

Is God enough? It’s a question that my camp circumstances force me to keep going back to. What I’ve concluded is that not only is God enough, but He has to be enough. I’ve also concluded that it takes effort on my part to keep myself aware of this. I MEAN LIKE CONSTANT HEART CHECK CONSTANTLY ALL THE TIME PEOPLE.

We are not guaranteed anything on earth. If all is lost (friends, family, money, possessions), I’d be okay because no one can take away my identity in Christ. Whether I live in a mansion on a hill or a shack in the swamp, I have my Jesus. Whether the world is for me or against me, I have my Jesus. When I am knocked down, I get on my knees and there I find my Jesus. His Word needs to be planted deep in my heart and I must believe it all.

When life becomes more than you think you can handle, don’t quit. And certainly don’t believe the lies you may be entertaining in your head. I am a typical girl who is a sucker for over analyzing what I am feeling….. Instead, ask yourself, “Is God enough for me?” The answer could change everything.

So to put things in perspective: Imagine with me for a moment, you are the best soccer player who has ever walked the planet. In one game you are injured severely and can no longer play. Your passion is gone. Your hobby is gone. What to do with your free time… Is He enough for you?

Change your perspective people. It’ll change you and mold your heart.

Also, I would LOVE if y’all would consider donating to KAA.

Sponsor a camper for $210 or give what you can!! I have seen first hand a week at camp change a child’s life forever.

For more information: Mission KAA

Y’all are great. Peace and Blessings


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