Let’s Talk About a Man

Today is October 26th, aka the best day ever because it is a day that we get to celebrate the birthday of a man who has influenced my life, and many others, by being a direct representation of Jesus Christ.

Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you.

Here’s the thing, I know this may sound bias, but my dad has a huge heart for serving and taking care of others. I (obviously) have experienced his love first hand growing up: through the daddy-daughter dates from my childhood to the patience he showed me in my tween stages and now, encouragement and support he gives me as a college student. My dad has been an example of a man I would like to marry because of the way he takes care of and the affection he shows my mom. Not only does he work hard to support his family, spend time with us, and tend to every need of his five kids but, he is dedicated to loving, serving, and counseling the Men of Nehemiah.

Can I just tell you that he wakes up SUPER early on Sunday mornings, drives about 40 minutes to downtown Dallas and serves breakfast and enjoys fellowship with these men. THEN, drives back to home to go to church with our family!!! This is just one small example of the heart he has behind this ministry.

Who are the Men of Nehemiah?

The Men of Nehemiah is a Christian Community Service movement designed to rebuild the lives of families that have been torn apart by the vicious onslaught of poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, crime and violence.

The Men of Nehemiah (MON) serves homeless and incarcerated men with addictive disorders by providing:

  • Residential accommodations
  • Substance abuse treatment through individual, group, and family counseling
  • Life-skills and job placement training
  • Case management
  • An array of other recovery support services

MON is a highly structured recovery program based upon 15 Biblical Principles which embrace the 12-step recovery model. Additionally, MON contains a robust military-style component which provides healthy disciplinary training.

(All this information can also be found on their website!!! CLICK HERE!!!)

So, why am I telling you this? Why should you keep reading?!?!?!?

MY DAD. I NEED TO BRAG ON HIM!!! He has helped produce a benefit concert to raise money for this amazing ministry. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO!!! If you are in Dallas, the Dallas area, or have the means to drive there, make the trip- it will be so worth it!!

Or, if you can’t make it out to experience this night, please consider donating online!

I could not think of a better way to serve my dad and the ministry he loves than to help support these men live a life for Jesus.

I love this video, some of the men that are in and have completed the program.

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