Your Narrative

If you could give your former self a tour of your life now, what would they make of it? Read More. . .

New  Year, New Me: MaKenna McGraw

My life is not easy but I would not trade what happened to me for anything and I would relive it a thousand times over if it meant people would continue to see and learn more about Jesus through me. Read More. . .

New Year, New Me: Natalie Hawkins

He was making me new, and if I wanted that, I would have to submit to God’s will in every area of my life. I had fallen on my face in life, and I desperately wanted God to transform me, so I listened. I would do it God’s way this time. Read More. . .

New Year, New Me: Savannah Lundin

. . .we should spend less time worrying about why we are going through it and more time about how best we can glorify God with it. Because spending less time surprised or even angry over the speed bumps of life, mean more time for us to notice and allow God to work through us in his plan for redemption. Read More. . .

New Year, New Me: Gonzalo Morillas

“I couldn’t shake off recognizing that I was a depraved sinner in need of a gracious savior. I had been exhausted by continuously chasing after things that only offered me temporary satisfaction leaving me feeling empty afterward. So, from that moment on, I had been made new. . .” Read more. . .

New Year, New Me: LaNita Edmondson

 “We promise ourselves that this year is going to be different, this year…we will make positive changes…and that’s great….except, did you catch how many times I just said ‘I’ or ‘we’?” Read More. . .


“New seasons mean new perspective and changes with new environments, relationships, and growth. I really do try to breathe a little deeper to allow my heart to slow and my eyes to capture what is in front of me.  But on my worst day, I tend to forget to savor.” Read More. . .

Chic-Fil-A, Where Lies Go To Die

In this season, the season of fresh-out-of-school-who-thought-it-was-a-good-idea-to-graduate-on-time-and-navigate-adulthood, the Lord has blessed me with Tuesday night Chic-Fil-A dinners with my mentor, Sarah. She asked, “What negative thoughts are dominating your thinking and what spiritual truths will demolish these strongholds?” Read More. . . 

Quiet, Still, Slow

This summer has been such a quiet, still, slow time for me. Which to many, may seem boring. But it has been anything but- and actually, I’m not in New York, I’m in College Station. I am daydreaming about my favorite city not because I am unhappy about where I am now or worse- bored: Read More…

This is Real, This is Me.

I figured it was time to give everyone an update on my day-to-day…. Recently, I posted this on instagram and I would like to add to it: Read More…

This One is About a Boy

From the get-go, I failed at setting up emotional boundaries with particularly one my guy friends, my best friend. Through poor choices of being too open and emotional about my personal and spiritual life, I began to develop feelings for him. Read More…

Take a Moment

Have you ever been told something 10 times by someone you love and spend time with and value; and then been told the same thing by someone you don’t even really know but when the person you don’t know tells you- it actually resonates with you?  Read More.

Cool Pink Ribbon

When I was in 6th grade, there was a group of girls who I went to school with. We were best friends. We would go to each others houses, go hang out at the cool-go-to shopping center, we knew about one another’s love for Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers..  Read more.

Let’s Talk About A Man

Today is October 26th, aka the best day ever because it is a day that we get to celebrate the birthday of a man who has influenced my life, and many others, by being a direct representation of Jesus Christ…      Read More.

I am a People Pleaser and I Have a Problem

I just want to start by saying, my name is Madison McGraw, and I am addicted to pleasing other people. I know, shocking. I know for a fact you’re as shocked as I was when I had the realization of my addiction a few months back. Read More.

I’m Feeling Emotional!!!

My heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach, and I sat in class with a bundle of emotions raging inside of my body. (Yes, my body.) I felt my entire body tense up and stress out after I glanced down at a text message on my phone that left me feeling sad and alone. Read More.

Find The Good in Endings

As I sit in a very empty Starbucks, I am playing an actual soccer mom tonight (literally waiting to pick up my sister from practice) I am listening to the Starbucks baristas have a jam session and the empty room is filled with very-full laughter. Read More.

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