This is Real, This is Me.

I figured it was time to give everyone an update on my day-to-day…. Recently, I posted this on instagram and I would like to add to it:

As many of you know, I have started Simply Madi Photography. So I thought I would introduce myself and the heart behind my business.

I’m Madi, a Junior at Texas A&M, studying Communication. I love my major and plan to pursue a career in who knows what (trust me, I wish I knew too). I desire to capture moments fueled by joy. I’m passionate about pursuing Christ in all aspects of life and sharing, connecting, and celebrating people. My hope is to render genuine moments through my stories and photos. I have always loved taking pictures but became serious about it during my first year of college when I launched Simply Madi: Blog. I began blogging after I was challenged by my mentor to use the internet to proclaim the gospel. Since then, my website has grown, I blog and have a photography business all in one. So, I have been asked why I don’t have an instagram for Simply Madi. Well, that’s exactly it- my pictures are of other people but they simply reflect me! I felt like creating a separate instagram created a space between me, my photos, and my passions. My name is me- so that’s it: Simply Madi. Life isn’t perfect, and I am a broken imperfect person so my instragram will reflect that. Of course, it stresses me out having a poor quality photo amongst those with proper lighting- but life is too short to get hung up on the small things.

If you ask my friends, I love spontaneity, my cat dash, french fries, 68 degree weather, and Justin Bieber.



My days in College Station are filled with working with preschoolers (well infants), volunteering with an on campus bible study that thousands of students attend a week at Texas A&M, and I am a part of the best business organization out there. (tbh sometimes I don’t feel like I fit in a business organization… I mean like 73% of the time I spell business wrong). I also attend a church in College Station that I am so blessed to be a part of. I love my Life Group and the challenging and convicting conversations that happen there. I  get to live with the three best roommates the Lord could have ever blessed me with. They pour into me deeply every day. We aren’t perfect- sometimes we can’t decide where the best place for the microwave is, or someone “mysteriously” forgets to flush the toilet, and sometimes we are too loud or too quiet… But I love it and wouldn’t change a thing.  Oh, I also attend class at the best University in the world, Texas A&M!!! A-A-A WHOOP!!


But, my life is not that picture perfect.

I tend to smell like spit up from the infants I take care of, my eyes tend to burn from the amount of time I spend reading my textbooks that I don’t understand the majority of the time, I get myself in trouble by interrupting people and jumping to conclusions, and I struggle with not feeling adequate.

I wish I could have ended this post with a whoop but consistently finding my purpose in Christ and feeling adequate for my major, minor, friendships, and responsibilities weigh me down. But, the Lord is sovereign and I get to learn and grow in all that he has provided me with.

So this is me, welcome to my little life reflecting the greatest Kingdom.

Thanks for reading,



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